Our Mission Is To Provide Veterans Suffering Ongoing Service-Related Injuries With Life Enabling Stem Cell Therapy

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The Battle After Serving

Our Founder and President, Nick Seedsman, struggled with physical, physiological, and mental health after his military service. His discovery and journey with Stem Cell therapy led his road to recovery.

During my journey in the military, I suffered many conditions, including injuries to my ankle, knees, lower back, neck, shoulders, and ears. In addition, I had bruxism, full-blown PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, autoimmune issues, and fibromyalgia.

My injuries were causing absolute havoc and destruction to my life. In my first year out of service, I spent ten months sick. In the second year, I was ill for eight months. By the end of the third year, the situation and the loss of quality of life were so extreme that I was miserable and depressed. It felt like I was losing 50% of my life every year and had to do something about it.

So looking for alternative options, listening to podcasts, and alternate media, I stumbled upon stem cells. At that point, life was not exactly worth persisting with, so I contemplated the decision of paying for the treatment myself and not through any institution. It wasn’t an easy decision to make because the treatment was expensive. Eventually, I made the financial commitment to stem cell treatment and went to Colombia. They are far more advanced in stem cell technology than anywhere in the world. Months later, I was a completely new person with restored health and high quality of life. I could enjoy a beer, spend time with my kids, and participate in sporting activities without feeling any damage to my mind and body.

The Warrior Refit Mission

Our mission is to provide veterans suffering ongoing service-related injuries with life enabling Stem Cell therapy. We aim to serve those who have served and allow them to enjoy a quality of life worthy of their sacrifice.

We created a military refit program to help veterans suffering from significant medical conditions or injuries that standard medical services cannot resolve. Under this program, veterans can get healed with advanced stem cell technology, the same technology that cured me.

We understand that veterans do not have the financial ability to pay for stem cell therapy. So we created the Warrior Refit Foundation to provide the funds for this advanced treatment that so many veterans desperately need.

In conjunction with other foundations, laboratories, and doctors who have ten years of history working with stem cells, we organize candidates that fit the treatment specifications. Then we treat and give them new hope and improved quality of life like I am fortunate to have. Warrior Refit Foundation is a part of the mission to give back to the veteran community on a significant scale. There’s nothing close to my heart as veterans who have sacrificed in service to their country.

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They put their lives on the line for you, now it's your turn to give back.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine that repairs damaged cells in the body. Stem cells are derived from the human body, the very building blocks of life in each human.

With over 30 years of treatment, stem cells have transformed many patients’ lives.

Stem cells repair your body’s problems and those you may not be aware of. The doctors will focus on particular injuries or your main concerns. Things that are crippling and prevent you from moving forward in life are at the top of the list.

We collaborate with the doctors to identify candidates who will benefit from the treatment. These candidates will be brought down for treatment to receive their stem cell therapy. After treatment, veterans can get back on their feet and into the race of life to achieve their goals. Without disabilities and improved quality of life, veterans can chase their civilian dreams and enjoy life after service.

Repay Our Veterans By Donating Today

They put their lives on the line for you, now it's your turn to give back.