About Stem Cells

What Are Stem Cells?

The 21st century has seen a revolution in the study of regenerative health thanks to the fantastic medical and rehabilitation innovation known as Stem Cells. Cells known as stem cells serve as the basic unit of cell specialization. When a stem cell divides, it will either create new stem cells or specialized cells like nerve, muscle, or bone cells, serving as a blank template. This is particularly beneficial in rebuilding tissues harmed or affected by injury or disease.

The stem cell treatment procedure resembles a pregnant woman’s gestation period. The cells may take up to three months to specialize and start working after being injected into the patient. Although the cells’ growth takes some time, the results are always nothing short of phenomenal. Stem Cells have been demonstrated to replace tissues in injured areas with cells that function and, sometimes, even better than the original tissues. If you use stem cells, your body can heal and maintain its life force.

Simply put, stem cells can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. In addition, stem cells can be incredibly effective for relief when other treatments prove ineffective. Still, they are not always a “miracle cure-all.”

How Stem Cells Help Veterans

Happy reunion of british soldier and his little daughter. Girl with british flag is embracing her father.[/caption]

When traditional medicine and institutions fail our warriors, Stem Cells are an innovative, proven alternative that successfully repairs the damage sustained in service to our country.

Since military service is extremely physically and mentally demanding, Veterans often face multiple issues simultaneously after their service. Physical injuries can cause and exacerbate common mental health issues in veterans, creating a cycle that leaves many veterans struggling with life after service, and too often, leading to depression, loss of family and livelihood, and even suicide.

Stem cells serve as blank templates that create new stem cells or specialized cells like nerve, muscle, or bone cells. They are beneficial in healing tissues damaged by disease or injury. It may take up to three months for stem cells to specialize and start working after being injected into a patient. However, results are almost always nothing short of extraordinary. Stem cells have proved superior to the original cells at replacing tissues in injured areas.

Stem Cells have hundreds of case studies of near-miracles from all walks of life proving their effectiveness. Stem Cells treat severe pain, joint issues, chronic diseases, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), chronic muscle pain, PTSD, depression, ear issues, and even age-related physical problems. Free from pain and physical limitations, other aspects of veterans’ lives also improve.

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