Your contribution to the Warrior Refit Foundation directly supports veterans battling with their physical and mental well-being. Donations are used to fund Stem Cell treatments for our list of exclusively veteran patients and future patients. Our Stem Cell treatments help with physical and mental issues Veterans face after service. Such as PTSD, anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, joint pain, and other serious conditions that can drastically affect the quality of life. Every contribution donated helps us reach our goal of serving the Veteran community and helping our community feel pride in their service while maintaining their quality of life.

Some of the ways you can donate to the Warrior Refit Foundation are online, via email, stocks and security, legacy, wills, estate, and trusts, donor advisor funds, charitable Ira rollover or qualified charitable distribution (QCD), vehicle donation, set up a fundraiser, and honorary or memorial donation.

Warrior Refit Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with a board of directors. We collaborate with other veteran foundations in the United States and around the world to fund stem cell treatments for veterans who desperately need help. All the money raised goes to the operations and the veterans.