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As a culture that respects and cares about our armed forces, we often leave them with a complex spectrum of known and unknown injuries when exiting the service and returning to civilian life. And it is well known that veterans suffer from one of the highest rates of suicide due to such injuries. PTSD, depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental health disorders cause these tragic losses. However, in many cases, underlying physical health problems are causing or supplementing these mental health cases. As a result, many veterans live with this comorbidity daily and find adjusting to normal life extremely difficult. For many, returning to the quality of life they had before the service seems nearly impossible. However, we must accept that we have the power and duty to improve those veterans’ quality of life greatly. Stem Cells have created a new avenue of full-spectrum regenerative intervention in which veterans can receive the treatment they need to significantly increase their quality of life or save it.

While revolutionary in the health and well-being of injured persons, Stem Cell rehabilitation is an expensive endeavor. The Warrior Refit Foundation seeks to curb this by providing the funds veterans need to get the help they deserve. This is the vision of the founder of the Warrior Refit Foundation, Nick Seedsman. After leaving the military, Nick was significantly disabled and it had detrimentally affected his life and overall happiness. He made the financial commitment to undergo comprehensive Stem Cell treatment which resulted in significant progress in his rehabilitation. He now enjoys a better quality of life and general health than he has been since his diagnosis or initial injuries.

With his life-changing experience, Nick sought to make this treatment available to veterans in need. Currently, the Warrior Refit Foundation is making its own charitable contribution and working with other foundations in America to provide such financial support to those in need. The foundation plans to expand with international foundations and charities to provide solutions to more veterans utilizing this regenerative medicine.

Generally speaking, whilst the US is expanding its research and procedures further into Stem Cells, Latin America is at the forefront of Stem Cell research and advanced procedures across the globe. Not only is the foundation providing funds for this medical treatment in the US, but they are also providing an international service that is revolutionary in rehabilitation pertinent to complex conditions which can not be provided presently in the US.

Nick Seedsman

Former SAS | Founder & President

The Warrior Refit Foundation was founded by Nick Seedsman, a former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) veteran, Australian Special Operations forces. After serving in the military for 13 years, including three combat tours in Afghanistan, Nick happily returned home only to find that he slowly and catastrophically began to decline physically and mentally. He was in such a severe state that neither traditional treatment nor drugs were helping. Eventually, his quality of life became non-existent. After many failed traditional medical treatments and extensive research, Nick discovered a stem cell medical treatment in Colombia. He learned they have the most advanced medical stem cell technology applications worldwide for his conditions. Nick completed the treatment and slowly began to feel better, restoring his ability to function and do daily tasks. Most importantly, he once again found the will to live. Unfortunately, to pay for the treatments, Nick sacrificed his financial means, which would not be possible for many veterans. Nick’s key treatment-focused conditions include, but are not limited to: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmunity, and multiple active viruses in his system, including dengue fever, PTSD, TBI, major depression, and anxiety disorders. After receiving systemic IV treatments in the blood, targeting the autoimmune, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and viral components, Nick regained his stable and reparative immunity, the ability to sleep, and his energy levels returned to a state of “ability-to-function.” After the intrathecal treatment, Nick’s mental health significantly stabilized across the board on all fronts, where Nick has standard control across his mental health. The degree to which Nick’s life changed, which he personally measures in the form of “operating at a 2-4% of life with only 2-3 months left to live,” to a dramatic change of ~70% of his health was dramatic. Nick says he’s capable of living life again and is living a full, active life, a goal that seemed out of reach before his stem cell treatments.

Mason Hamlett

Former Staff Sergeant | Co-Director

I am from a small town in Texas. Following high school, I worked in construction for several years and eventually started my own business. Yet, for some reason, no matter how well things were going, I just wasn’t fulfilled. My grandfather was a Marine during WWII, and I always admired his story. His experience inspired me to join the Marine Corps. I enlisted in the Marines in 2007 and ultimately spent eight years in the service, which included deployments to Afghanistan and throughout the Pacific. Upon completing my service, I performed security contracting for a variety of 3 letter agencies in some “spotty” areas around the world. In 2018 the opportunity arose to pursue my MBA. I met the founder, Anthony Aguiniga, while at SMU and quickly realized that Woobies was my new calling. In Woobies, we have taken audacious actions to grow the company sustainably. In addition, Woobies is committed to providing the best products and customer service in the industry.

Jesse Gould

Former Army Ranger | Board Member

Jesse Gould is a pioneer in psychedelic therapies. As Founder and President of the Heroic Hearts Project, he has spearheaded the research and acceptance of ayahuasca, ibogaine, ketamine, and psilocybin therapy programs for military veterans. Jesse has connected hundreds of veterans to psychedelic treatments, partnered with the world’s leading psychedelic centers, and is researching psychiatric applications with the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Georgia, the University of Texas, Austin Dell Medical School, and Imperial College of London. His mission is to help military veterans struggling with mental trauma and spread awareness of the benefits that psychedelic therapies offer as an alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals. Jesse has spoken globally about the benefits of psychedelics on mental health and has been featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Economist, and Forbes and is recognized as one of the most influential voices in psychedelics today.

Javier LaFianza

Strategic Partner

  • Founder & CEO Valiente Philanthropic Strategies
  • Former CEO, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)
  • Former COO, Crystal Stairs

Javier La Fianza is founder and CEO of Valiente Philanthropic Strategies, a consulting firm creating greater philanthropic impacts for high-net-worth individuals, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and foundations. Mr. La Fianza brings the strategic experience, skills and relationships honed over a three-decade career in philanthropy. This includes twenty years as CEO or COO, successfully leading organizations experiencing rapid growth or in turnaround situations; circumstances where innovative and collaborative leadership are essential.

Mr. La Fianza views philanthropy through an entrepreneurial lens, advising clients to make informed, yet bold philanthropic investment decisions. This strategy creates long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, enhancing the brands and outcomes for both donors and recipients. Philanthropic investments should be as meaningful, thoughtful, and impactful as any other investment. And when done correctly ensures success for all parties involved.

Mr. La Fianza has extensive international experience, especially developing programs in Canada, China, Ireland, Iraq, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Turkey and Uganda.

Mr. La Fianza authored a leadership column for several years for the Pacific Coast Business times, focusing on leadership, innovation, and team development. He is writing a book on innovative philanthropy and philanthropists.

Clients include The Jensen Project, Ross Initiative on Sports Equity, GoBundance, Warrior Refit Foundation, DreamCatchers and American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS), along with other confidential engagements.

Mr. La Fianza has served on numerous local, state, and national Boards and enjoys traveling with his wife, Anne.

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