How We Help

Our goal is to offer Stem Cell therapy to veterans who continue to suffer from service-related injuries. We provide for those who have served by allowing them to live lives commensurate with their sacrifices.

We accomplish this by arranging and funding cutting-edge stem cell therapies and giving back to the soldiers who have already sacrificed a great deal. Veterans will have the chance to rebuild their lives, get back in touch with their families, and pursue their dreams thanks to the Warrior Refit Foundation. In addition, our success will ultimately increase the understanding of the efficacy and advantages of Stem Cell treatments. The aim is to incorporate Stem Cell medicine into Veterans Affairs and military treatment protocols, making the treatment accessible to all our warriors, past and present.

The Warrior Refit Foundation covers the entire cost of stem cell therapy for the veteran and all travel and lodging expenses. We work with doctors to identify patients who will benefit from the treatment. These candidates will be transported to Colombia for treatment to receive stem cell therapy. Colombia is far ahead of the rest of the world in stem cell technology. They have far more quantifiable and obvious numbers than the United States. The doctors will concentrate on specific injuries or your primary concerns. At the top of the list are things that are crippling and prevent you from moving forward in life. Veterans can get back on their feet and back into the race to achieve their goals after receiving treatment. Veterans can pursue civilian dreams and enjoy life after service without disabilities and a higher quality of life.

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